New Year’s Resolution: Read the Whole Bible in 2019

Have you ever wanted to work your way through the Holy Bible? Or would you like to deepen your knowledge of the Scriptures overall? Join Pastor Andy in setting a New Year’s resolution to read every word of the Bible in the next year. If you sign-up before January 1st, Pastor Andy will arrange to send you a reminder email each week to keep you on track. If you have a smartphone, he can also get you set up with an app called “Read Scripture” that will guide you each step of the way. Furthermore, Pastor Andy will share resources and videos from The Bible Project that will help you understand what we are reading. Grow in your faith in 2019! You can sign up by filling out the form below.

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Stories to Tell & Gifts to Share

This fall Orfordville Lutheran is focusing on storytelling and story-sharing. God has been so good to us, and we are called to share our stories with others!

To kickoff our “Stories to Tell & Gifts to Share” campaign, we took a survey of the congregation to see how we are doing. The plan is to retake this survey a year from now to see if we’ve made an impact.

Here are the results:
Pre-Assessment Results