150th Anniversary

HISTORY CORNER – By Lyle Amundson

Orfordville Lutheran Church will celebrate its 150th Anniversary as a congregation in 2018.
I am making a plea for help to do what needs to be done for a successful celebration next year. Following is a short list of projects that I hope you can help with. We are not looking for someone to spend hours upon hours. Of course, no one will turn your offer down if that is what you are willing to do!

We are looking for a number of people to each do some task or two. So, here are some projects that need attention:

1. Biography of each of the pastors that have served our church these 150 years:
I have a lot of information on some of our early pastors. I have the biographies of LeVerne Nielsen, Ron Nowland and Eldred Nesset. The families of Claus Magelssen and Lars Gimmestad have agreed to work with us in writing their biographies. The next step in this project is to locate and contact a family member or descendant of each of the other pastors. If you are willing to either contact one of these family members or give us a name and how to contact that person please let Pastor Andy or me know. We will keep a list of who is contacting who so that we don’t have multiple people contacting the same family. We need to work on this project immediately.

2. Recipes for our church sesquicentennial cookbook:
Please contact Sue Draves in our church office regarding this.

3. Old photographs:
I am collecting copies of group photographs of confirmation classes. I will copy the photo that you have and return the original to you. We want each person in the photo identified. A listing of each of our confirmation classes, through 1950, is on our church website. http://www.orfordvillelutheran.org/ select about, history, confirmation by date.  For confirmation classes after 1950 please contact Pastor Andy, Sue Draves or me, and we will furnish you with a list of the confirmands for any given year. (Note: The baptism, confirmation and marriage listings only include through 1950 on our website because of identity theft concerns.) Other old photographs pertaining to the church or parsonage are also welcome. We will copy and return your original.

4. Planning the celebration:
Please consider working with Pastor Andy to discuss various ideas for the actual celebration. Do we want a one day celebration, multiple days celebration, a celebration stretched out over several months? Also, what types of events should we consider? If you are not interested in working with Pastor Andy on discussing the plans, please offer your suggestions. The more ideas we have – the better. A formal committee will be named at a much later date. We had one planning meeting and plan to schedule one per month starting in June.

5. Other:
We plan to have several books/booklets/pamphlets to sell commemorating our anniversary. They include: Torbjørg Bohnhoff’s translation of our congregational minutes, 1869-1895; biographies of our pastors; sesquicentennial cookbook; photo album of our confirmands; church history, 1845 – 2018; and probably other documents that you will suggest. I am guessing that there are other projects to work on that I have not listed here.

PLEASE – help us out in any way that you can. I hope that all plans can be completed by our next annual meeting in February 2018.

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