Sunday July 26 Confirmand, Graduate and New Member Sunday







This Sunday, July 26, 2020 we are celebrating our Confirmand, Graduate and New Member at our Lawn Chair Service at 9AM.

During worship we will recognize Independence Pautsch who is graduating from high school. We will welcome Kathy Schindler who is transferring into Orfordville Lutheran. And, Temperance Pautsch will affirm her baptism in the rite of confirmation. It will be a special day.

We will celebrate Holy Communion this Sunday!!! Remember to bring your own communion elements however they might resemble bread and wine. If you forget, don’t worry — there will be prefilled communion cups with a small piece of bread and a sip of grape juice.

If you will be sitting on the lawn, please remember to wear your mask. You may remove your mask, of course, to receive holy communion.

Is there someone you haven’t seen at worship lately? Please extend an invitation for them to attend and print off a copy of the bulletin for them.…/20…/07/7-26-20-Bulletin.pdf

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