Special Meeting of the Congregation – Sunday, August 12th after worship

1. 150th Anniversary Plans: The celebration of our 150th anniversary is coming up at the end of September – Saturday, Sept. 29th and Sunday the 30th. We will present the plans for that weekend and seek extra help to make the weekend a success. We will also discuss OLC merchandise and our anniversary book.

2. Parkview Youth Center: OLC’s council has voted to support the Parkview Youth Center beginning in our church’s basement in the old preschool space. We want to present the agreement we’ve put together for the use of space, talk about insurance concerns, and talk about what the future might look like. We are seeking input from the congregation to make sure that all questions and concerns are addressed.

3. Financial Update: We would like to give an update to the congregation and work together to talk about what we can do.

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